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Welcome to health care that embraces “root cause medicine,” an innovative approach that finds and treats the underlying source of your health issues rather than just managing symptoms. Welcome to a relationship where you are truly a partner in your own health journey. n1Health physicians take the time to perform in-depth evaluation and provide education so that you can easily understand the complexity of your health issues, and so that you have the voice and knowledge to make important decisions together. With an n1Health physician, your participation is not only welcome— it’s a valued and important part of achieving better health.

At n1Health, we believe that health is a reflection of lifestyle, genetics, and diet. To make real progress identifying the source of your health issues, your doctor must understand and address all of these complex factors. A typical 15-minute appointment and standard diagnostic tests cannot reveal this type of information; it is only in the trusted, time-invested relationship that you and your physician can understand and improve your health.

This is personal medicine at its best, and it’s the only way our doctors know how to care for their patients!

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